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Transport of horses by air

Leave your imports to professionals, is the assurance of a quality service.
import chevaux
  1. STH-HIPAVIA organizes the import so that the horses spend the least possible time at the airport and in the best conditions. A pre documentary control is done with veterinary services prior to their departure from the country of dispatch. Our customs service prepares the clearance with the supplied items and calculates the amount of duties and taxes.
  2. Definitive import: enjoying a recognized stud book or horses that are not hongres, are exempt from customs duty, but must pay the amount of VAT – France 20%.
  3. With no recognized or hongres studbook horses are subject to a 11.5% customs duty and must pay the amount of VAT – France 20%.
  4. These amounts are calculated on the value invoice of the horse as well as the amount of the freight. In the case of moving, taxes can be avoided only under certain conditions.
  5. Temporary importation: the VAT amount is deposited as a guarantee to the customs service. At the end of this admission and after re-export of the horse, this amount will be refunded.

Air cargo Department

STH-HIPAVIA organizes the departures and arrivals of competition horses, livestock, sport horses and all kinds of equine. The company supports all customs formalities through its approval together with health and administrative procedures.