Here you will find questions commonly asked by visitors of Sth-Hipavia, and the answers that we can immediately provide.

Frequently asked Questions

We need a copy of the booklet rating of your horse as well as a commercial invoice or pro forma proving the value of your horse.
With its rating booklet and health documents.
Full mares can no longer travel after 300 days from the date of protruding.
294cm x width 234 cm x height 232 cm length. The stalls are made to transport 3 horses. Each horse has a third stall, a place of 75 cm wide on 294 cm long, and 115 cm wide if they are traveling together.
Horses should arrive 4 hours before the scheduled time of departure in order to complete the administrative formalities and prepare them for their trip.
It is best to travel without bandages and use gaiters of transport only if the horses are used.
We are maximally to avoid any stress before and during transport. As a last resort and if necessary we can reassure them.
Not normally. Professional pages accompanying the horses are trained in case of problems in veterinary first aid.
This may be possible on some airlines and under certain conditions. Our teams are at your disposal for all information about it.
Your horse will travel with a Hay Net and will be regularly watered by our pages during the trip.
Our pages accompany the horses until they are supported by our correspondent in destination.
Normally Yes. The health visit to destination will allow the vet to decide whether your horse is fit to continue his journey.
Our teams inform you upon arrival of your horse at destination.

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