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Transport of horses by air

We offer you turnkey, effectiveness and security guarantees.
transport chevaux avion
  1. We offer the service best suited to your application: departure airport, airline, bulking up on regular flights to United States, Japan, South Africa, Europe and Middle East. We also offer a door to door service: possibility to arrange different types of aircraft based on the destinations and the number of horses. (Quote request – download section)
  2. Customs formalities: we perform the Customs temporary or final export for the horses and their equipment and we carry the edition of ATA carnets. List of documents to provide: Bill commercial, rating booklet, detailed list of the equipment and your EORI number if you have one. Proof of export will be sent upon his return from customs.
  3. Administrative formalities: visa France Galop, Sire Pompadour… Health formalities: blood tests, edition of veterinary certificates, support in the efforts with the DDPP (Direction Department of the Protection of Populations) and the laboratories.
  4. Establishment and approval of a quarantine from the prefectures.

Air cargo Department

STH-HIPAVIA organizes the departures and arrivals of competition horses, livestock, sport horses and all kinds of equine. The company supports all customs formalities through its approval together with health and administrative procedures.